Golden Tips for Our Clients


Can I customize my delivery?

Please let us know of any special request related to the delivery  (signature, drop off location, and similar directions)

Help out your delivery driver! You will get the most out of the service.

Please, make sure that any directions or instructions are clear.

If there is any specific drop off location as "back door", "between doors", "under mat" and similar instructions, please make sure all the info is up to date. Nobody want the driver looking around for a "back door" that it no longer exist or trying to open a closed storm door because of  the "between doors" instruction. You will be surprised what kind of things happens to the delivery man!

Drop off locations

Please, be aware that mailboxes are for exclusive use of the Postal Service. Private couriers are not allowed to use them.

Good alternatives are setting up a secure mailbox, a separated box or secure mail slot to receive your deliveries.

Please make sure to state if it is okay to split the docs under the door or leave them in any other place of your choice.

Collection of signatures

We do not charge any extra fee so make use of it. Please, let us know if anyone can sign for the delivery or there is some specific person to sign. If that it is the case, please make sure that such person is going to be available at the moment of the delivery. Nobody wants the delivery man getting stuck on your place waiting for a signature...

Understand the delivery process to avoid dissapointment

Dear costumer several factors may affect the delivery process: traffic hams, bad weather, road construction and the unexpected... Please, be patient, we will keep you up-to-date with the situation and trust that your delivery man is doing his/her best to meet the deadlines.

Challenges on Residential Delivery

Condos, multifamily buildings and any other location with restricted access are tricky places for the delivery man. Please always remember that if the courier can not get access to your place, that would cause a delay and even an uncompleted delivery. Please, provide clear instructions on those "just in case" situations.

Golden Tips For Drivers


Work Hard, Play Hard, Drive Safe

Be bold, be a hard working person, be effective, but overall, BE SAFE. Always keep in mind that everyday you go out there and only one mistake can cost a life. 

Even if you manage to avoid an accident, your business is driving, and a ticket can have a huge impact on your professional life.

Distracted Driving/Defensive Driving

Distracted driving is any activity that diverts attention from driving, including talking or texting on your phone, eating and drinking, talking to people in your vehicle, fiddling with the stereo, entertainment or navigation system—anything that takes your attention away from the task of safe driving.

Driving defensively includes:

  • General: 
    • Get in control of your speed.
    • Be ready for the unexpected.
    • Being alert and distraction free.
    • Avoid road rage at all costs.
  • Regarding other drivers: 
    • Preparedness for all sorts of actions and reactions of other drivers and pedestrians.
    • Do not expect other drivers to do what you would do.
    • Respect other drivers.
  • Regarding your own vehicle: 
    • Maintaining a safe following distance.
    • Always keep an eye on weather and/or road conditions.
    • Adjusting your speed before entering a bend, in order to avoid applying the brakes in the middle of a bend.

Real life delivery experience

There are plenty of challenges out there: lack of numbers on the doors, not so friendly dogs, traffic hams causing significant delays on your route, got a flat tire, your car is running out of gas, even the GPS can misplace a location...

You got the point, isn't? Not everything is nice and easy as it may seem it is. What's the secret then? In just two words: experience and preparedness.

Get to Know Your Job

This one is related to the previous one. Get familiar with your delivery platform, get to know your delivery area, create a job routine for the everyday duties, find out what are the congestion routes and hours on your area, get familiar with your GPS system (It is your best friend!)

Keep Your Eyes Open: Caution and Attention to Details


We are always in the hunt for hardworking people, dependable and reliable drivers. Become a valuable part of our team!

Drive with Us