Golden FAQs


What kind of stuff do you deliver?

We are specialist working with the retail industry. As a B2C courier we do deliver apparel, footwear, accessories, sporting goods, home goods, home décor, health and beauty products and in general any kind of stuff from our retailer partners. 

To find out if there is any limitations on our service, please keep reading to the next FAQ. 

Is there something that you do not deliver?

Yes. We do not deliver living things, no pets, no firearms or ammunition, no chemicals, no air bags, no explosives, no combustibles, no high value jewelry, no poison, no alcohol neither cigarettes, no dry ice, no food or beverages.

Do you deliver food?

Sorry. We hope you enjoy your meal but we do not deliver from restaurants, no groceries and no food at all.

Is there any limitations on the weight of my deliver?

We are only robins, that means we are focused in helping you out with the small stuff. Bigger stuff with the bigger guys. Currently, our limits are set on the 50 lbs per order delivered.

How much is going to cost my deliver?

It depends. Our price varies depending on factors as weight, distance, delivery choice (weekly, next day, same day)  and pickup/drop off locations. In any case, you can rest assure that is going to be way below the big guys.

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Do you currently do delivery beyond the Greater Nashua area?

Our service area is the Greater Nashua. We currently serve 11 towns in the area: Nashua, Hudson, Brookline, Hollis, Milford, Wilton, Lyndeborough, Mount Vernon, Amherst, Merrimack and Litchfield. 

Our destinations are Greater Nashua, Hillsborough County and Southern New Hampshire.

GOOD NEWS! We are always expanding our service, so keep an eye open for future updates on our service area.

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